The Channeler

The Channeler is the first book in the series “The Wind Lord’s Gambit.”  In it, the protagonist, Tommy Nelson, gets drawn into a world of light and dark magic where he must quickly grow up and learn to control his new powers. 

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The Guardian

The Guardian is the second book in “The Wind Lord’s Gambit.” It continues the story of Tommy Nelson and his struggles in a world of magic and intrigue. In The Guardian, Tommy and his classmates make a trip to assail the fortress of a noted user of black magic.

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The Blood Mage

The Blood Mage (The Wind Lord's Gambit Book 3) by [William Kline]

The Blood Mage is the third book in “The Wind Lord’s Gambit.” In this book Tommy Nelson has grown in power and confidence. Now Tommy is out in the world, beyond the safe walls of his home, trying to evade capture while helping to hunt down users of dark magic.

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