Writing Update – October 2021

I vowed a few months ago to write more and to provide regular updates. Life has once again conspired to kick me in the teeth – despite having gotten two shots of the COVID vaccine, I got COVID, and I got it bad.

I was terribly sick for weeks, and have been recovering for months. I still don’t feel like I’m back to my old self, and perhaps I never will, who can say. I had a brief scare where the doctors thought there might be damage to my heart; it turned out not to be the case, and my heart is fine, but the theory and subsequent testing was terrifying.

For now, here’s the current status; I apologize for not making more progress:

Current statuses:

The Wind Lord’s Gambit:
Books 1 thru 3: Now available in Hardcover

The Mage Knight, Book 4: Completed, waiting for editing and cover art. We are anticipating a pre-Christmas release date.
Undisclosed Title, Book 5: 1586 Words

Side Project:
The Daedalus Project: 14596 Words

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